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No Fear No Favour

Tips to calm down your anxiety and lead a better life

By Nitisha Nagpal

Life just not give you lemons, sometimes accompning them is some stressful situations. The feel which we all go through, yah we are talking about that.

The very initial step is acceptance. Normalise your thoughts, your feelings and try to accept it rather than avoiding it.

Try to take a little time out for yourself and start talking about it to someone who care about you. There are some tips which help you in the long run while there are some instantly effective tips. Long term or short term both hold equal importance.

First we will discuss the ones which relieves you instantly. Stand up straight or even take a seat at a comfortable spot. Inhaling and exhaling can be an excellent way to slow down. Another thing is to find a task around your house either taking a short walk, washing dishes, watering plants, talking to family members, or just counting breathes in the moment.

Taking caring of your diet, exercising regularly are some tips which work effectively in the long run. Also cross checking or fact checking thoughts is one thing everyone with anxiety needs to look into.

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