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Times Now Referred ‘Kerala’ as ‘Pakistan’. Why?? ‘The Nation Wants To Know’

Being a journalist, you deal with the ticking bomb, which will go off if we fail to deliver the news ‘first.’ And with the news going on air should be correct with facts and holds the validity on the ground. But, in the country like Indian, where people are news starving, the stress increases manifold times, which results in the performance of the person and would do mistake which would hit the organisations image hard.

In a recent of the blunder, a news channel has become now become the news story for the news channel. Times Now, an English news channel, is seen making the news again. Not because of Arnab Goswami’s exit from the news channel, but with the news credibility it has now.

In a recent of the news fiasco, the channel referred ‘Kerala’ as ‘Pakistan’ on live TV. The news channel, while reporting on the beef ban row and BJP President Amit Shah’s subsequent three-day visit to Kerala on Friday, had run a headline saying Shah “Heads to Thundery Pakistan”.

Agitated by the news, and seeing the blunder they have done, the channel does run a corrigendum apologising for the mistake they have caused.

The corrigendum said, running “Times Now regrets an inadvertent error reported on the channel on June 2, 2017, regarding Amit Shah’s visit to Kerala. Instead of Kerala, the word Pakistan was inadvertently typed. Times Now once again regrets the error which may have hurt sentiments.”

The shot was fired and the damage was done. It was enough to irk the netizens to take hold the ground on the same, and soon the hashtag “#TimesCow” and “TimesNow” starts to trend on Twitter. Here are some reactions:

And this not the fist time Times Now had made the blunder. Earlier, in a race to take the credit for the news, the channel run a watermark “First on Times Now” while the mic was of other channel. See Rahul Kanwal tweet:

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