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Time has changed, now the village house is in trend !

Everyone has a dream to build a beautiful house in their entire life and as we know there are different types of communities and people with the different financial background. So they build houses according to their status.

From decades we have witnessed different trends of houses from apartments to villas and bungalows to condominium.

If we talk about trendsetter, it is always the elite people who set it and middle class follow them.

There was a time whose house were built of stone and bricks were considered as penurious, but now the time has changed elite class prefer their interiors to be built of stone and bricks which give a high-class feeling.

There are several premium universities which have stone and bricks as their interiors which give them a classy look

Now if we talk about middle-class people, either they prefer to live in flats or they build a Makan in which their interiors is of tiles and other stones which is getting outdated day by day.

We can definitely say in India house culture  has made  rapid progression in the last couple of decades. While people continue to build their own houses in smaller towns and cities today, but there are multiple options ranging from traditional standalone houses including villas to typical housing complexes with multiple units across low rise to high-rise towers.

In the end we can sum up that in India nothing goes out of fashion, it may get retro but after decades it again comes into vogue with some modernization and most of us follow that vogue.

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