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“Putin is a killer”, Thousands in Russia shows dissent against Russian Invasion and War

Written By : Aashish Vashistha

In Picture : Thousands of people shows poster to Putin, “Stop Putin, Stop War”

After Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to penetrate into Ukraine, Netizens across the country took to streets to slam his actions which has negative consequences for the humanity at all. Crowd of youngsters in St. Petersburg on Thursday night gathered to oppose war. Some of them chanted, “No to war”. Many journalists, media figures and reporter’s mainly from independent outlets as well as the BBC, signed a petition condemning Russia’s operation in Ukraine.

Russian Police detained protesters in St. Petersburg

Earlier on Thursday, Vladimir Putin had ordered what he called a “military operation” into Ukraine after months of tensions and conflicts with Kyiv and its Western allies. Before invading Ukraine, Putin justifies that he had been left with “no other option” but to invade Ukraine because “the war machine is moving and close to our borders”, referring to NATO. But many citizens of Russia are not supporting Putin’s clever move.

In Pic : United Nations Security Council (UNSC) proposal to stop Russian Aggression

On Saturday, Members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) cast their votes during a resolution against Russian aggression in Ukraine. However, this draft resolution presented by U.S and Albania has failed to pass the UNSC after Russia exercised it’s veto power. Surprisingly, India abstained from voting in this matter. China and UAE also abstained from voting in this matter. However, Canada, USA, France, Norway, Ireland were among 12 countries who voted ‘yes’ to this proposal.

In Picture: Volodymyr Zelensky (Ukraine President)

As Russian troops invaded capital city Kyiv, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky turned down the US government’s offer to evacuate, insisting that he would stay and fight. Zelensky bravery said, “The fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride,” Earlier he said that he is Moscow’s “No. 1 target” and that Russian “sabotage forces” were in Kyiv and hunting for him and his family. The world is showing solidarity to Ukraine in the moment of crisis.

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