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No Fear No Favour

This woman’s feet have taken the world by storm for some really bizarre reasons!

For most of us, the concept of caring about a photo of feet is fairly far fetched. After all, all feet essentially look the same, right? What could be so special about one pair of feet as compared to another? But the woman in this story was able to wow people from all parts of the world with her tootsies and when she first posted a photo on a Chinese blog, she never could have predicted what would happen next.

Recently a Chinese woman posted the pictures of her feet on a blog known as ‘Dcar’ and within minutes of the post, her feet pictures went viral.

Reason? The woman’s toes look strange and are unusually long.

The woman said, “since my childhood, I have always drawn attention whenever I wear flip-flops,’ she wrote. ‘People would surround me and discuss about me as if I were an animal.”

The woman is a university student from Taiwan. Her feet comes in the category of ‘Greek foot’. What is more strange is that she is just 4 feet 11 inches tall and have got such big toes.

The woman said that she has lived a tough life because of her long toes. She has been bullied throughout her life because of her unusual feet. People would even ask her if she could climb a tree like an animal.

It runs in the family.

She says that she got it from her parents as both of her parents have got unusually long toes.

The structure of her feet is not entirely dissimilar to that of primates, who are also able to grip items with the use of their feet. Their elongated toes enable faster climbing speeds and give them the chance to move at a rapid pace. According to various studies, there are only a small amount of people walking the planet with feet like these. Only one out of every 13 people possesses these type of feet.

This is the type of story that has to be seen in order to be believed and if your friends do not buy into your tale of the woman with fingers for feet, it is time to pass these amazing photos along. Please take a moment to share this story, so that this girl’s unique feet are able to receive the proper appreciation that they deserve.

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