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This woman selling her positive pregnancy tests to pay for college fees!

A Florida woman said she is paying her way through college by selling her positive pregnancy tests and urine on Craigslist.

The ad on the Jacksonville-area Craigslist page offers “positive pregnancy tests or urine” in an “absolutely no questions asked the type of deal.”

The woman, who is three months pregnant, is selling the positive tests or urine for $30 each, but the Craigslist post says customers traveling more than 60 miles can get two positive tests for $35.


The woman told WJAX/WFOX, which sent an intern to successfully make an undercover purchase, that she was inspired to start the business while browsing the Internet for jobs she could perform at home while pregnant.

“I saw from other women and their experiences that it’s very easy,” the woman said.

She said she makes “$200 in a day off something I have to do no matter what.”

The woman said she using the money to fund her college education.

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