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This Woman Gave Birth To A Child While Being Surrounded By The Pride Of Lions

The baby boy will be amazed to know about his birth in an ambulance surrounded by 12 lions. The 32-year-old Manguben Makwana gave birth to a baby boy in the vicinity of Gir forest in an ambulance after midnight near a village in Amreli district.

Because of the emergency, the driver stopped the ambulance on the way as the on Duty Emergency Management technician realised that the mother could give birth anytime, as the head of the baby was sticking out.

To deal with the emergency the EMT contacted a physician over a phone to take the directions for helping the woman delivery.

Meanwhile, the pride of Lions got a sense of human presence emerged from the nearby bushes and surrounded the ambulance.

A local person, Jadav, understood the behaviour of Lions and tried to scare them away but the Lions including three males blocked the vehicle’s passage and sat in front of the ambulance.

The driver started the ambulance and moved slowly blinking lights so that the Lions gave way to the vehicle and eventually the big cats moved and unblocked their passage.

The whole incident occurred at around 2:30 am on Thursday. Now the mother and the baby is admitted to the nearby hospital and both are hearty safe.

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