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No Fear No Favour

This Video Sums It Up In Just 3 Minutes About How It’s Not Easy Being A Woman.

From the time she wakes up to the time she goes back to bed, life is a battlefield for every young woman. From dealing with social media comments that range from unwanted to downright disgusting to dealing with sexist remarks in school/college, work and pretty much everywhere she goes, there’s a lot she has to deal with and yet, get on with life. Add to that the pressure of always looking her best, never with a hair out of place.

A woman, just like a man, also has her own share of dreams and aspirations. But unlike men, women have to somehow fight harder. Hustling their way through life, girls of every age deal with truckloads of uninvited opinions and navigate the tricky terrains of existence.

Titled ‘Her Monologue’, Pearlina Malik’s video is perhaps the most accurate description of a day in the life of every young woman. It’s real, relatable and totally riveting.

Watch the video here:

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