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This Video Summarises How Women Feels When She Hits Menopause Age

In India, talking about female problems is considered a taboo. Female goes through problems which they can’t openly discuss to anyone and keep suffocating themselves from within. At an early age, when a girl hits puberty, something happens which starts to worry them, frighten them, alarm them, because that ‘something’ changes the girl from within. And she can’t directly walk up to her parents to talk about ‘this change’.

Our society has been a secretive about women’s problem, whether it’s a menstrual cycle or menopause. India has successfully kept the topic away related to women problems. And such video shatters the stigma surrounding this problem.

The video shows how an agent tries to sell his health policy to a woman who is in its age of menopause, and asks if his company covers the feeling she undergoes and the sudden mood swings she goes through. The video shatters the stigma she deals with. Watch it for yourself.

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