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This video of Sushmita Sen and her daughter dancing on the beats of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of you will leave you awestruck.

Sushmita Sen shared her version of ‘Shape of you’ and you better not miss that.

The hangover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ doesn’t seem to end too soon. If you scroll through the news feed on Facebook or Instagram, you would see people going bananas while dancing on the beats of the popular number. Even many celebrities also shared their version of the song and now it is Bollywood Diva Susmita Sen who also jumped on the bandwagon.

The former Miss Universe on Sunday shared a video on Instagram where she is seen shaking her booty on ‘Shape of You’ and it was hotness intensified. But what caught our eyes is Susmita’s daughter Alisah dancing along with her mommy. The little girl is seen giving her mother a tough competition in the video. The Mother-daughter duo is looking so adorable that you can’t put your eyes off them for even a second.

Sushmita gave an interesting caption to the video which reads as, “#frameofmind there is a song I love by #leeannwomack “when you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance” these moments (be it around my #friends or my #babies ) are a wonderful reminder that each time a situation suggested to “SIT IT OUT”…WE CHOSE TO DANCE moving to our own beat #anytime #anywhere #anyhow Alisah with breaded hair owns her moves #toocute Renee saunters down the beach celebrating life with #maa #memories #cherished #happiness #sharing I love you guys!!! #ihopeyoudance.”

Watch the video…

Susmita is 42 now. And you would be wondering how does she keep herself so fit and young? Well, this is something that only she can answer. But one thing is certain that she is still one of the hottest divas around in Bollywood.

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