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This Tattoo Artist Of China Is Helping Women Covering Their C-Section Scars with Beautiful Tattoos

The most memorable moment for any women’s life is giving a birth to a child. The body goes through innumerable changes from weight gains to stretch marks and the above all, the pain while delivering the baby. Accepting the changes in their bodies after pregnancy and childbirth can be tough on new mothers. And women who have to go through C-section have the additional burden of scars. Silicone gels and scar removal creams rarely deliver on their promises. In China, some women have found an alternative way to hide their birth scars.

Shi Hailei, a tattoo artist from Shanghai, is breaking all the stereotypes by helping women in China cover their C-section scars with beautiful tattoos. In a society where tattoos are considered as a symbol of machoism and masculinity and women opting for tattoos to hide their cesarian scars comes as a welcoming change. The inspiration to do so came from the work of Falvia Carvalho, another tattoo artist, who tattoos over the scars caused by domestic abuse or cancer. Hailei, who performed his first free C-section tattoo back in 2015, told Reuters “A tattoo makes a woman more confident.” He generally tattoos women with nature-inspired designs.

With the growing number of caesarian deliveries in China, Hailei’s tattoos help women in dealing with the scars and the stress too.

Grace Yuan, a dance teacher with a three-year-old daughter, got a rose tattoo on her cesarian scar from Hailei. While explaining her decision, Yuan said, “I felt awkward to see my scar when wearing a low-waist dancing dress. I can dance freely on the stage now, without worries or awkwardness.”

Eason Zhou, a mother of a five-year-old child who underwent a caesarian delivery, wanted to try tattooing her scar after the removal procedure. “In the past, people thought tattoos were just for men, but now women are starting to get them too,’ she said.

The work Hailei is doing will not only help women gain back their confidence but it will also make you fall in love them to fall in love with their scars. Women all around the world spend around $43.44 (₹2781.90) for a 30-mile tube of silicone gel to get rid of their delivery scars, but seldom do these solutions give any results.

Hailei’s work is helping mothers fall in love with their body again. Such inspirational work should be adopted by tattoo artists around the world so that mothers can adapt this amazing art.

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