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No Fear No Favour

This Rajasthani Bride has turned the tables upside down by taking the baraat to her groom’s house!

Living in an Indian society, we all know how big of a deal marriages are. For us, it’s not just a ritual but also the biggest event of our life altogether.

Despite the fact that it’s just a 4-5 days affair, the families spend all their time and money just to get it done in the grandest manner. And when we talk about India, we definitely cannot deny that there are traditions wrapped up with orthodox. There is a big list of rules and regulations, do’s and don’ts.

But here in one of the most bizarre incidents, a Haryana bride thrashed all the rules by doing just one thing. The girl mounted on the horse and let the baraat processions to her groom’s house. Not only this, the bride was also dressed up like a groom in kurta-payjama with a turban!

Needless to say the girl has changed the concept of ‘Sapno ka rajkumar’ riding a white horse! Now we have the new bold queen.

According to the report, Jiya’s family had not given any dowry either. Notably, the groom’s father appreciated the move and said that this will send a strong message to the society as people don’t accept girl children in Rajasthan. He also said that such steps can give a strong message that there is no difference between boys and girls.

The report suggested that while preparing for the marriage of her daughter, the bride’s mother and aunt had told the groom’s family that the bride would reach the venue with the ‘baraat’ instead of the groom, to which they happily agreed.

The groom – Lokesh Sharma is a software engineer who works for an MNC in Gurugram, was also appreciative of the idea. He reportedly said that his wedding will be memorable as the couple have chosen to spread the message of equality.


“There is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it’s a proud moment for me,” the groom reportedly said.


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