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This Proposal By A Guy To His Girlfriend Is The Most Adorable Video You Will Watch Today.

Finding your better half in the same profession is a dream comes true. And taking the cue from the same thing, man proposes the love of his life while he was busy doing the second most thing he loves, Yoga.

Yes! In a very adorable manner which would leave any women to fall to say a ‘yes’, Alec Horan proposed to his girlfriend Steph Gardner while they were doing some acrobatic yoga poses on the beach.

Gardner was in a backbend, balancing atop her boyfriend’s feet when he pulled out the ring box. Of course, she accepted the proposal.

The couple has been doing yoga together throughout their two-year relationship and often films their practice. So it wasn’t at all unusual that Horan set up a camera on the beach that day to capture the big moment.

Watch the video here:

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