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This Picture Of A Ten Year Old Boy With Mahatma Gandhi Is The New Buzz On The Internet…Know Who Is He?

While scrolling through the home Feed of my twitter handle I encountered with this picture of a 10-year-old with Mahatma Gandhi. The Picture won’t appear to me as a special one unless the little boy wasn’t claimed to be as His Holiness ‘The Dalai lama’

I never knew Dalailama ever met Mahatma Gandhi. I don’t even know whether the photo is real or morphed. But if it is considered as true then this picture will go down as one of the most iconic pictures ever captured.

Actor Kabir Vedi retweeted this picture that was put up by Kiran Mazumder Shaw on the microblogging site.

As to confirm the sources, I instantly went to search for the pic on google, to my surprise the picture was there to be seen.

As far as the record goes The Dalai lama never claimed to have ever met Mahatma Gandhi himself till now. Thus the authenticity of the photo can be questioned.

So only his holiness Dalailama can confirm whether the claims are true or not.




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