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This Mother Of Three Breaks The Record By Hanging By Her Teeth From Chopper Over Niagra Falls.

“Age is just the number” a popular saying which is poised as one of the motivational lines to follow your dream. And following the same suite, the mother of three, aged thirty-six years, has gone on to do something which the normal person couldn’t dream of doing.

In a first of its kind, a thirty-six-year-old mother of three breaks the records successfully hung by her teeth while on a hoop from a chopper over Niagara Falls. She pulled off the stunt five years back to the day where her husband walked a tightrope over the falls.

The mother Erendira Wallenda, the aerialist spent about 7 to 10 minutes stunt hovering over 300 ft above Niagara Falls. The aerialist used an iron mouth piece attached to the hoop for support.
The stunt was attempted on the fifth anniversary of her husband Nik Wallenda. She remained in the air over and had performed flips for fun. Despite the harsh wind, the mother expressed the stunt as “a beautiful and amazing experience”. She said, “It felt amazing, it was a little more than I expected it to be but I just had to put myself back to my backyard and my training.”

And when asked to her about what she had to say all those young girls and women, her message was one of dedication, she said: “Never give up on your dreams.” Adding further, she said, “If a guy can do it the girl can do it too,` we just do it with a little grace”. The mother of the three kids put her career as an aerialist just to upraise her kids.
Watch the amazing stunt here:

Video Courtsey: The Guardian, Reuters

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