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This model influencer is selling fart in jar worth $1000 is a new Internet sensation: Know More

This model influencer is selling fart in jar worth $1000 is a new Internet sensation: Know More​

Pay $1,000 for farts in jars announces Stepenka Matto, the Czech-American Youtuber. Read the full story to know more about it.

Recently she announced her fans could buy her farts “in a jars” for just $1,000 pop on her instagram account.

As per her post, her farts are in popular demand as she writes “Due to popular demand, I have finally decided to start selling my jarred farts over on my unfiltrd page! Alongside my spicy content you can purchase my farts in a jars! I am super excited to share this with you all, and after seeing how many people wanted this, I figured I’d finally give people what they wanted. The sale starts today and lasts only ten days! First 100 orders get their farts 50% off -$500.”

It was very surprising from her another post published on 21 November that 97 jars were sold in just two days. In order to test whether she is joking or serious a twitter user questioned her about the certificate of authenticity with fart jar.

However, you will be very surprised to know that marketing of weird things such as farts is running several households across the globe.

In August this year, reports about Lush Botanish, a self proclaimed ‘fart- queen if the internet’, went viral on proclaiming that how she sells a single product laced with her flatulence for high as $175 a pop. A video went viral from the section if “True Stories” of Channel 4 agency where Botanish is explaind that how she sells her farts in jars alongwith other products and made $25,000.
The farting business not limited to woman but men are also working in same field . 36 year old Alex Ramirez – Mallis from Brooklyn made headline when was found selling year- long worth of his fart audios that he had recorded while being in quarantine.

Interestingly, Mallis sells his fart audios as Non Fungible Tokens of NFTs.

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