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This man who was born with no hands and legs isn’t just the photographer, but also an inspiration

Before writing anything, just scroll through this pictures clicked by this photographer who goes by the name Achmad Zulkarnain.

Sebagai pengganti biarlah tatapanku hiasi matamu

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Menunggu itu menyesatkan kalok sampek kesurupan

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Digital imaging / composit art.

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Fascinating, right? We too fell for this unmatched imagination of the photographer who poured out his soul and imagination out. But why we chose this photographer, you ask. Well, this photographer is disabled and lacks the very tool of using the camera, the hands and the legs.

Yes, you read right. This man, Achmad Zulkarnain, lacks hands and legs yet he is a well known and celebrated photographer in Indonesia.

We do have come across people who have given-up the photography because they lack the basic skills, imagination, or financial problems or just because they are lazy. They struggle for the basic notion of recognition and eventually give-up when the initial struggle starts. For this man, his photography speaks, and not the excuses.

Now, how does he manage to click pictures, you ask? Let me tell you; that to do so, he practices a form of dexterity by using his FACE, MOUTH and extra skin on arms.

Achmad is very popular in his area and that’s the reason, he has set up his own company, “DZOEL”, so that he can manage his business.

Other than that; he also uses his laptop to edit and retouch the pictures clicked by him.

What are you thinking? Isn’t his story an inspirational one? He is not just a brilliant photographer but yes, he is also an inspirational person. IF you have a dream, achieve it. No matter what; 20’s – 30’s are okay, you can still do it.

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