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This Man Designed Bike Ambulance After Seeing Beggar Seeing His Dead Wife In Pushcart.

What comes to your mind when you see somebody is injured ‘Call an Ambulance’ but this Facility is not for poor people in our country. In one such tragic incident last year, a middle-aged beggar from Hyderabad was forced to carry his wife’s dead body on a cart for over 60 km.
In Hyderabad Kavitha and Ramulu, both leprosy patients were surviving by begging at Langer Houz. His wife died near Lingampally railway station due to poor health. As Ramulu did not have enough money to hire a vehicle, he put his wife, Kavitha’s body on a pushcart and walked all along till Vikarabad. This picture went viral on the internet.

And there are so many cases who suffered this pain like them. But one man was so affected by this incident, Instead of cursing the society; he decided to do something a little more than just showing pity. Mohammed Shahzore Khan 43-year-old owner of a workshop for customised motorcycles in Nampally in Hyderabad Designed a bike ambulance that is completely equipped like any other ambulance. Mohammed told a news agency, “I was crestfallen after coming to know about Ramulu’s plight. Then I decided to create a small ambulance which would be affordable for the poor.” Then I decided to create a small ambulance which would be affordable for the poor.”

The ambulance bike costs Rs.1.10 lakh and can carry one patient and it has everything from an oxygen cylinder to a stretcher. He took just 35 days to design the bike. Mohammed, who runs the Deccan Motorcycle and Scooter Garage in Nampally, draws inspiration from his father who established the bike designing firm back in 1951.

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