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This Kanpur Girl Is Shattering All The Records In Calculation

There’s no fact denying that in school days mathematics would leave anyone in distress. The calculations, the measurements and the most important the marks, no matter how hard you try, you only would manage to secure the passing marks. But there’s a girl who loves to do the math and the calculations. A girl from Kanpur is shattering all the records in the same.

Nicknamed ‘Calculator Girl’, Dilpreet Kaur set 11 national and two world records for most number of mathematical calculations in a minute, that too in a short span of one year. She received her certificates for her feat on Saturday.

In an event organised and supervised by the district administration, railway officials and others in the city on August 25, 2016, she had made 11 records by doing 11 mathematical calculations in a record time, ranging from 15.83 sec to 1.36 minute. All 11 records of Dilpreet were accepted in October last year.

In total, Dilpreet, till date had set 14 records which include two world records, Limca Book of Records authorities said. “She has become the first person to achieve the feat of bagging a maximum of 13 records in just a span of one year, which is a rare feat in the history of Limca Book of Records,” Anant Kasibhatla, member of the Limca Book of Records team said her father Manjeet Singh, a mathematics teacher, encouraged her by giving her bigger numbers to solve. “To improve her skill, we suggested her to follow ancient Abacus theory to perform mathematical functions like multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, square root and cube root,” Singh said.

The district magistrate has also made a recommendation to chief minister Aditya Nath Yogi for acknowledging her talent and rewarding her.

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