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This is unbelievably brave: TV anchor announcing the death of her husband in breaking news

Getting the news of your loved one going away from you, forever, will surely leave anyone shock and numb. So, imagine how this lady had felt while reading the breaking news of her own husbands’ death on a TV News channel.

A similar situation is seen at Chhattisgarh’s private news channel IBC-24. Saturday morning, which is considered to be the most relaxed day of the week for TV journalist, brought tension rather than relaxation.

While reading the news of the fatal road accident, Sukhpreet Kaur, anchor, didn’t even have the hint that she is reading her own husbands’ death. As the details unfold, she got an idea that this is her husband.

Giving the details of the news, the reporter said three of the five people travelling in the vehicle were dead. Though the bodies were not being identified, but it was enough for Kaur to instantly realise it could be her husband. He to He too was to travel in a Renault Duster along the same route during the same time along with four companions.


She broke down, but only after having walked out of the TV studio after the news hour.

Video Courtesy: Hindustan Times


She is an extremely brave lady. We are proud of her as an anchor, but what happened today has left us in shock,” said a colleague.

Kaur, 28, has been a news anchor with IBC-24, one of Chhattisgarh’s most-viewed channels, for the past nine years. Hailing from Bhilai, she had married Harsad Kawade a year ago and the couple were residents of Raipur.

Kaur has left the accident site. But back at the office of the TV channel, her courage is dominating the conversations.

“She got a sense that it was her husband’s vehicle. She read the bulletin and only when she came out of the studio, she starting calling her relatives,” a senior editor said.

The editor said the staffers had come to know that her husband was dead while she was reading the news. “But we did not tell her. We did not have the courage,” the editor explained.

In any case, Kaur’s courage is unmatchable.



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