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This Is SO Funny! Ranbir Kapoor Rocks As A Crazy Boyfriend

Arranged marriage or love marriage, what do you prefer? Have you ever wondered what would happen if your dad sets you up for an arranged marriage when you’re already in love with someone else? What would you do then? This hilarious Asian Paints ad featuring Ranbir Kapoor will make you laugh out loud. What he does when the love of his life is about to get married to another man is just EPIC! Gone are those Raj-Simran days, how the modern day guy interrupts the wedding of his loved one, will make you laugh so hard!

We’re already in love with Ranbir, and after watching this video we’ve fallen in love with him a bit more. So don’t keep waiting, go ahead and hit that play button right away…

P.S: Don’t forget to tag your boyfriend, just because..

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