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This hit Bollywood actress opening a restaurant in Mumbai!

Murder 3 starrer Jacqueline Fernandez, who already owns a restaurant back home in Colombo, is all set to start one in Mumbai now. Back in her hometown, the 31-year-old actress has teamed up with Chef Darshan Munidasa with her fine dinning restaurant, Keema sutra which opened on July, 2014

The furniture is colonial Lankan; its focal point is the authentic Sri Lankan Miris Gala or Grinding Stone, with the carefully designed Open Kitchen. The cuisine draws inspiration from traditional local cuisine to dish out delicious street food.

In city, she will be partnering with her bestie, Mishali Sanghani, who owns the popular Pali Village Cafe. A source close to the actress reveals that the new restaurant will be located in Bandra too, where the actress resides.

Jacqueline is known to be health conscious and a fitness freak. So the menu has been planned accordingly.

Taking into consideration the location of her residence, Jacqueline too is apparently planning to start this restaurant in Bandra and despite work commitments, the actress, we hear has already started with the preparations. She is now looking forward to materializing her plans for an organic food cafe in the metro city. She also wants the cafe to be spacious enough for some calming yoga session


Why choosing organic food is better!


The soil that organic food comes from is simply well-nourished and refined, making the crops nutrient-rich. It is a better choice than mass produced food as all the vitamins, minerals are in place and intact.

Less pesticide and more antioxidants 

Organic food maintains its antioxidants as it is exposed to lesser chemicals from pesticides. Organic food reduces the risk of consuming unwanted toxins and chemicals like organ phosphorous usually present in pesticides. This chemical is known to causing developmental problems including ADHD and autism.

And even though she’s in the midst of a hectic shoot for Tarun Mansukhani’s Drive with Sushant Singh Rajput, she’s taking time out to personally oversee the menu and decor



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