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This Guy Just Wrote His Resume With Google Auto-Complete, And Its So Good That He Deserve The Job

Let’s be honest, nobody likes writing resumes. They’re boring, they’re time-consuming, and they’re often a complete waste of time. But one guy came up with a brilliant way to save all the hassle of writing his CV. How? He used Google autocomplete instead! And although we’re not sure whether he’ll ever get a job with it, he definitely succeeded in making us laugh, because as you can see below, his resume is nothing short of hilarious.

“I needed to update my CV so I did it all through Google autocomplete and soon I will have every job,” tweeted Aaron Gillies, a London-based author who also maintains a well-known funny Twitter account called TechnicallyRon. But given that his resume states that he identifies as a wolf, that he was born to love you, and that he is trained in gorilla warfare and can prove it mathematically, he better hope that he finds an employer with a serious sense of humour!

“I am trained in gorilla warfare and I can prove it mathematically”

Employers might not be impressed, but the internet thought it was brilliant

Some people even tried it themselves with equally funny consequences:

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