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This Guy Captures The Images Of Rats, Which Are Cute As Hell

They are disgusting, they spread diseases, they create havoc, they burn a hole in our pockets, and above all, they are not even friendly. Yes, we are talking about rats. They can be easily found in every house, running and hiding behind the things. They are the uninvited guest and leave only when they like, or if you can keep a cat.

Just admit that, we don’t like them much. The stigma around them is so high that if we want to keep them as a pet, we will be laughed upon. Rats are disgusting as hell, a disease spreading machine which are cursed by every individual.

Breaking the stigma around the rats that had build up around the decades, photographer Diane Özdamar had captured the animal to an extent which would not only change your view on the animal but also will let you fall in love with the animal.

The pics he had captured cant be described in words. So see it for yourself:

After seeing the pics, won’t you take up the rat as your pet?

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