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This Girl Is Barred From Attending Her School Because She Was “Immoral”

A school in western Maryland is in the news for the past some days. The Heritage Academy of the USA has been facing some real hard times from the parents and the school administration. The reason, you ask? School authority has barred a female student from attending the graduation scheduled for the next month because she is pregnant.

As per the report published in The Washington Post, 18-year-old Maddi Runkles who has also served as the president of the student council will not be walking at the graduation ceremony as per the decision taken by the school authorities.


Maddi Runkles, 18, is a 4.0 student who has attended the school since 2009.

In a letter written to parents Maddi Runkles, school’s principal David Hobbs mentioned that the school had taken the decision “not because she is pregnant but because she was immoral”

After knowing that Madi Runkles is pregnant they removed her from the post of president of the student council and asked her to continue the remaining course from the home. It is when her family appealed the school authorities allowed her to come to school but she is not given permission to be part of the graduation ceremony

Maddi Runkles, who is studying in this school since 2009 and has been a 4.0 student, said, “There have been kids who have broken the student code and they could have hurt people or even gone to jail and they only received an in-school suspension and they’re allowed to walk this year. The school is worried about its reputation, but I think they’re missing out on an incredible opportunity to set an example for the pro-life community and Christian schools about how to treat guys and girls like me.”

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