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No Fear No Favour

This French guy speaking Hindi and Marathi after spending six months in Pune is getting viral on the Internet!

France, they say, is a mystic land. Eiffel tower, fine wine, gourmet food and eternal sunshine, these are only a few things that make it the ‘lover’s paradise.’ However, have you ever imagined falling in love with a french guy with an accent that could sweep you off your feet? If you’re not convinced, let me remind you there is no other kind but ‘french kiss’ in the world!
Do I have your attention, now? Yes? Great! Because what I’m about to share will distract you in a way you’d never thought you’d be! This video uploaded by I am Marathi has ‘the’ French guy you’ll want to fall in love with! Talking in Marathi and Hindi (like his mother tongue), even his MTI (mother tongue influence) is adorable. And mind you, only after living six months in Pune!

What have you done, watch the video here: