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This Drunk Woman Wanted To Kiss Traffic Police After A Midnight Accident

The Kolkata Police wants to be your friend. But it’s probably best not to take that relationship further — for example to a passionate midnight kiss that landed an inebriated woman in jail.

According to a report in Ei Samay, at about midnight on Wednesday, a woman who was allegedly driving in a drunken state, hit a divider on the bypass at Chingrighata Mor in Kolkata. The 38-year-old woman was accompanied by another man and a woman in the car.

After the accident, a taxi driver tried to help her, but she allegedly assaulted him. When a constable from the Bidhannagar (South) police station tried to get her out of the car, the woman allegedly pulled him into an embrace and started kissing him.

Since this is not a situation the Kolkata Police encounters on a daily basis, a local woman was asked for assistance, and the woman was led to the police station, ending a night of drunken misadventure.

(This report was originally prublished in The Huffington Post)

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