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No Fear No Favour

This Couple Love Story is Giving Us Love Goals, A Perfect Video to start the Romance Month!

Have you ever thought about the crazy world we live in? Our Lifecycle is nothing but a generic movie flick which has a beginning, middle and a climax, only our life does not end in 2 hours. But, there’s one thing which made our generic movie flick/life special and that is Love, Love is the only thing which gives us a dash of happiness in the tiresome life.

A House, a pet and the person who loves you more than anyone else, these three ingredients are a recipe for a perfect love story, Mitali and Raj has all three ingredients in their Love Story.

Mitali and Ali, living together in Mumbai, have one hell of a good story to tell others. Their battle against society, families, and religion to live together makes them a perfect couple of February.

They are a live-in couple and also they have a cute Dog named Pantu.

Watch how they teamed up to defeat all the negative taboos and found happiness in life.

Video Credit: The Daily Herb.

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