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No Fear No Favour

This 10 Crazy selfies will make you wonder what is wrong with the Humanity!

21st Century is the world surrounded by selfie experts and where ever they go, selfie follow them like their P.A. (Personal Assistant).

There is a lot of craze for selfie’s that is going on in between the youth. Sometimes it results in really a marvelous selfie capture & sometimes it is so awkward that just after seeing that selfie your mouth says WTF is wrong with that guy. Is he/she is gone mad or crazy?

Here we present some irrelevant selfie that doesn’t make any sense and after watching it you will also feel the same because social media is not a place to share every photo. With your face at the front rather it depends that what is background content of your photo.

1. Normally, it’s no worse than “annoying,” but sometimes people take selfies at such inopportune times that it’s just offensive. Or dangerous. Or, sometimes, both.


2. That’s really not the time to be snapping pics.


3. War is hell, but those smiles would make you think otherwise.


4. What he is trying to do can you guess?


5. Sometimes colleagues pretend to be over smart.


6. Was that necessary to inform social networking friends that how much an accident affected you instead you can calm down resting with a cup of coffee!


7. Someone just tells him that it doesn’t look cool capturing a selfie with cops.


8. I think inside his goggles he is hiding something i.e. he is fucking high as he taking a selfie with flames.


9. Its height of stupidity, nothing else!


10. I think their sense of humour has been stolen by someone.


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