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Thieves imitating as Irrigation officers steals 60- feet, 500 tonne Iron Bridge in Bihar

Written By: Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: 60-feet long stolen bridge of Bihar.

April 9, 2022 (New Delhi): In so many Bollywood action movies, criminals impersonating government officials commit robbery and crimes, Likewise in Nasriganj area of Rohtas district in Bihar, a bridge of 60-foot and 500 tonne was stolen. Some people brought things like JCBs, gas-cutters. After cutting a 60-feet long iron bridge, they started walking. The thieves, posing as irrigation department officers, and with the help of bulldozers and gas cutters, cut and uprooted the entire bridge and loaded it onto vehicles.

In Picture: Getty Images

According to a police official, the thieves had come up with full preparation imitating as an officer of the Irrigation Department. People did not use this iron bridge, which had been dilapidated for many decades. The villagers had also applied for the removal of this bridge. When 60 feet long and 12 feet high iron bridge was stolen, the villagers and the department understood that they had been betrayed and duped. After that, the departmental officers filed a case in the police station.

Pic Credit: Google

FYI, the Bihar police is reviewing the whole matter and according to Junior Engineer of Irrigation Department, Arshad Kamal Shamsi said that a complaint has been lodged in this matter. But this incident raises a deep question that how much hollow our system has become and the thieves not only stole the bridge but also the spotlights.

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