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These Navratri Food Items Can Help You Lose Weight in 9 Days

Navratri is a Hindu festival celebrated across India. Navratri means ‘nine nights’ observed for different reasons in India. Everywhere the common theme is the battle and victory of Good over Evil. Festival is celebrated including the recital of legend, enacting of the story and chanting of the scriptures of Hinduism. Traditionally it is associated with Goddess Durga and her 9 reincarnations. During these 9 days, a ritual fast is followed which has a lot of religious significance and importance.

While some people strictly hold fast for 9 days while others keep it on the first and last day. There are some strict rules have to follow for food while fasting. During Navratri alcohol, onion, garlic, wheat and any non-vegetarian items should not be consumed.

Obesity is on a rise in our country and for those people the navartri is beneficial. During fast people, can be religiously motivated to a diet which otherwise they resist. But remember not all dishes you eat during fast are low calorie. So, here are following food items which can help you decrease weight in 9 days that contain low calories:


  • Salad Cucumber and Tomato salad with ‘sendha namak’ i.e. rock salt can be a good eatable during fast which can help you reduce weight.

  • Kheer – Sweet delicious kheer is also one of the options. But the Kheer during fast should not be of white rice but made of Samak Chawal i.e. ‘Barnyard Millet’ or Sabudana ‘Pearl Tapioca’.

  • Curd – Easily available at home.
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  • ChachChach or known as ‘Buttermilk’ made of yoghurt with added cumin seeds which are delicious and can be consumed anytime.


  • Lemonade – Made of water and lemon with a little bit of rock salt.

  • Sabudana Ki Kichidi – Made of sabudana, tomatoes and green chillies it is a delicacy to eat. It is mouthwatering and can leave you asking for more.

  • Samak Ke Chawal – Also known as Barnyard Millet in English is made with cumin seed, roasted peanuts, tomatoes etc. is delicious contains low calories.

  • Kuttu Ka DaliyaKuttu Ka Daliya or Buckwheat Porridge is also a delicacy and made in almost every house during fasting.

  • Lauki Ki Sabji (without onions) – Many people will not like this option but still this can also be eaten during fast.

  • Kaddu (Pumpkin) – Another option which on which people won’t agree but…hey! Eat for stomach not for your tongue (if you have to reduce weight).

By – Parul Kulshrestha




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