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No Fear No Favour

These Kids Know How To Enjoy The Life Even With Having So Little With Them

In India, where playgrounds are taken over by car parking and concrete buildings, children’s of todays’ generation are having a hard time to find that perfect place for their evening activities. Parents, too, are tensed about the decreasing cover of the play area and the strain for their ward’s physical fitness.


With increasing population and decreasing green cover and no place to play, children are forced to remain home shut and to remain in their own houses. But in India, people get ways to find the enjoyment even with the limited resources they have. Though the games like “Gilli-danda”, “chuppan chuppai” and the similar remains the talk of the past and having no such big playgrounds to play, we have learnt to compromise, but not these kids.


These kids have learnt to enjoy the life to the fullest and leaving entertain themselves by such common means which grown will only think it as stupidity. But no, these kids know how to get live a life a grand size. Watch the video.


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