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These Craziest Confession From Hairstylists From Their Clients Are Hilarious

Whenever women book a hair appointment, anxiety immediately comes washing over us like a tsunami. Our hair is a direct impression of who we are – how we choose to cut, style and colour it says a lot about us. But, while we go into panic mode over what we’re doing with our hair – we forget to remember how strenuous it must be for our hairstylist to deal with us.

Being a hairstylist isn’t easy. When people make fun of individuals for going to cosmetology school, I laugh at their ignorance – because it takes a real patient and understanding person to take on this profession. Not only do they have to deal with picky people who make it difficult to do their job – they have to listen to all of our sob stories and gossip that they really don’t give a f*ck about. And, not to mention, the clients who think it’s easy to go from black to blonde in one sitting – please

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