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These 7 Unvisited Places On Earth Will Surely Give You A Travel Goal For Your Next Trip

The most amazing places on earth will never become the most sought tourist locations. It seems as if nature is guarding these extraordinary places against undeserving visitors. They are very difficult to access, hence very few people know of them.

If you are a travel enthusiast and want to view all the majestic views this planet presents then all these places must be on your bucket list.

Just by looking at these pictures, you will realise the fairy tale existence of these amazing places.

  1. Blagaz, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This small village is located right next to breathtaking waterfalls and an azure lake. First inhabited by Sufis and Dervishes, this village seems like a piece of paradise. The cosy white houses built under a sheer cliff enhances the amazing view of this place.

2.  Huacachina, Peru

Located 5 hours from Lima, the capital of Peru, this oasis is a rare sight in the middle of a vast desert. Hardly 200 people inhabit Huacachina. It is an island of life in the middle of a sea filled with sand.

3. Lake Hillier, Australia

The world’s only pink lake was first discovered in 1802. No one knows the reason behind this oddly coloured water body. Some theories suggest that it is because of certain rare seaweeds and microorganisms present in this lake.

The only way to access this lake, located on Middle Island in the south-west of Australia, is by an aeroplane.

4. Hidden Beach, Marieta Islands, Mexico

It is an amazing place for a beach party. Surrounded by rocks from all sides, this beach has a covered access to the sea. Numerous unique species of birds live on this beach.

5. The door to hell, Turkmenistan

This is not a volcano, though it looks like one. This crater is about 60 meters wide and over 20 meters in depth. Geologists who lead the discovery of the crater found that it was filled with huge amounts of natural gas. To ensure a safe entry into the crater they lit up a fire to burn the gas. This fire has been burning even after 45 years. The locals have named it as the door to hell.

6. Flores islands, Portugal

No other place in the world has this many unique flora and fauna concentrated into one location. UNESCO protected the Flores Island and declared it as a world heritage site. It is located near the coast of Portugal.

7. The Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain

You would not have seen something this strange. This whole town has been living under a rock for over eight hundred years. With roofs made of natural rock, these houses give you a very natural feel.

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