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These 5 Famous Bollywood Stars Went For Hair Transplant Surgery

Celebrities are mostly judged by their good looks and attitude. We always look up-to-the approachability, dominance and youthful attractiveness. Celebrities know how to carry their personality, and that with that flawless smile on their face always gives the first impression.

Their good look which embraces their sense of style, and also compliments their beauty, is one key thing which they had to maintain while in public. Just to grab the hot look, some celebrities are addicted to plastic surgery, and laser treatments. Most of the celebrities, both men and women, are very conscious about their hair. As hair is the part of styling but some of them were unlucky to lose them before. Celebrities have so much of pressure and busy schedule which would lead to loss of hair. And to maintain their personality, and to stay away from being labelled (ahem, ahem) ‘takla’, goes for hair transplant surgery. There’s no surprise that celebrities are increasingly and openly restoring this procedure.

Well, it’s any day better than accepting baldness as the way of life. The best way to use hair treatments as they are expensive but doesn’t matter for the actors.

Let’s have a look below checking the top 5 Bollywood celebrities undergoes the hair transplant.


In the picture above the bald superstar, Salman Khan undergoes for hair transplant a few months back. As per reports he visited his girlfriend Lulia Vantur wherein he got the treatment.


Hair or no hair, people would still love him regardless of his look. The Big B got hair transplant before presenting himself on the TV show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ with a new charm.


You seem to be surprised to know that the Indian comedy king has to undergo hair replacement to get the new and young look.


Govinda, too, had his hair drop in 2012. The shining person with the perfect smile in the B-town disappeared to get his hair treatment and now we can see him back shining.


Famous MBBS doctor of the hindi silver screen was suffering from baldness heavily. Now he is back with his hair all the time he lost.

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