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The Viral Sensation: Theater Owners Decorate ‘Lord Hanuman’ Seat with Flowers

“Adipurush” is a film that has been released recently.

The recently released film “Adipurush” has captured the attention of audiences. One notable aspect of the film is the announcement made by its producers, a few days prior to its release, regarding the reservation of a seat for Lord Hanuman in every cinema across the country. This decision stems from the belief that wherever the legendary tale of Lord Rama is narrated, the divine presence of Lord Hanuman is felt. Hence, the makers have chosen to honor this belief by reserving a seat specifically for Lord Hanuman in theaters.

The seat was adorned with Lord Hanuman in the theater.

The seat designated for Lord Hanuman is beautifully adorned with flowers and a saffron garland, enhancing its sacred aura. This divine portrayal, shared on social media platforms, quickly went viral, eliciting a profound emotional response from fans. They expressed their admiration and reverence for the creators of this remarkable depiction.

In accordance with the information available, the seat reserved for Lord Hanuman will no longer remain unoccupied. Instead, a statue or picture of Lord Hanuman will be placed on this seat, symbolizing his divine presence throughout the film’s screenings. Additionally, it is reported that fresh flowers will be offered daily to the idol, and the seating arrangement will be adjusted accordingly.

Went viral on social media.

The widespread circulation of this news on social media platforms further amplified the impact and significance of the film “Adipurush” and its portrayal of Lord Hanuman. The devotion and enthusiasm exhibited by fans reflect the deep-rooted faith and reverence for these divine entities. With the reservation of a seat dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the filmmakers have successfully blended cinematic storytelling with spirituality, creating a unique and captivating experience for audiences.

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