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The Ultimate “JUGAADU” Photographer, Who Saved $159,960 With Just An Idea

Being an Indian, we are born “ JUGAADU”. Indians can do anything except spending the money. Well, this article is not about any Indian, specifically SINDHI, GUJJU OR MARWADI, so it is better to keep your hopes down. But u can be excited as the JUGAAD just got the hell lot of creative this time.

We Indians are so jugaadu that even Firangi’s are copying our tips to save money.

Same, did Felix Hernandez,  an extraordinary photographer. With his creativity, he saved thousand of dollars which were meant to be spent on marketing.

At a glimpse, he used $32 miniature toy car instead of o $50,000 real car. Can u imagine? With just a simple idea he saved $49,968. And that too, just from a single shoot for Audi.

In his previous shoot, Hernandez has used a $40 miniature toy car in the place of $160,000 priced Audi R8. And with this simple idea, he gave the company a saving of $159,960. Woah..!! isn’t that amazing?

This creativity of Hernandez doesn’t end here. He uses special techniques to create a real illusion in his photos. Naah, we are not talking about editing software. This shit just got seriously real.

Hernandez used LEDs, foam core, and sand paper to design an in-house roadway.

The sand dune scene consisted of fine powder that was blended with water.

What say peeps? Isn’t it something really awwww worthy.?

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