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The names of these 7 Indian railway stations are so funny, they will make you laugh till you get hiccups

It is no secret that we live in a totally crazy world. It is a place where any and every thing is possible. And, at times, this craziness can reach new heights,  leaving one in splits. Don’t believe us? Well, just take a look at these oddly named Indian railway stations and your doubts will disappear. .

1)    Mahbubnagar Railway Station, Telangana :-

We are sure that this one was named after some die-hard romantic.

2)   Nana Railway Station,Rajasthan

Nope, this one is not named after Nana Patekar.

3)      Diwana Railway Station,Haryana

This  one too seems to be a tribute to the power of undying love. Bollywood, you have spoilt us!

4)      Bibinagar Railway Station,Telangana  :-

All we would like to say here is, love thy wife!

5)  Odhaniya Chacha Railway Sation, Rajashan

Odhaniya Chacha railway station is in the Jaisalmer district  of Rajasthan

6) Saheli Railway Station, MP

Saheli Railway Station is Located in Madhya Pradesh, Hoshangabad, Kesla. It comes under the Central Railways, Nagpur

7)  Sali Railway Station, Rajasthan :-

Does this one even need a caption?

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