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In a path-breaking move, Karnataka becomes the 1st state to implement a “Male Third Gender” quota in police constable recruitment

Edited by:- Vikas Mavi

13 September 2022 (New Delhi): For the first time ever in India, the Karnataka government announced reservations for ‘Male Third Gender’ in recruitment of the state armed forces on Tuesday. State Home Minister Araga Jnanendra announced that the recruitment process for constables to fill 3,484 positions in the Karnataka Armed Forces will now include candidates of the Third Gender. This is a welcoming move and will undoubtedly aid in the empowerment of all segments of society.

The move will help crub widespread discrimination in the society

“I applaud the decision,” said Karnataka ‘Rajyotsava’ awardee Akkai Padmashali, a transgender activist and founder of “Ondede,” which advocates for transgender rights. According to the queer activist, the announcement is “a mainstreaming of the third gender, but there is no third gender called “Male Third Gender.” From their (government’s) perspective, I believe they are referring to the “female to male transformed transgender man,” Padmashali said.

The decision will make society more accepting

Minister Jnanendra stated that the 420 vacancies are reserved for candidates from the “Kalyana Karnataka region or the former Hyderabad-Karnataka region, with 11 reserved for the “male third gender.” He said that for the rest of Karnataka, recruitment will be held for 3,064 positions, 68 of which are reserved for “male transgender.” He stated that the recruitment will be conducted in the “most transparent manner,” and that the deadline for submitting the form online is October.

Most of us transgenders are illiterate and school dropouts: – Padmashali

Padmashali said that, “Even if someone wants to go to the police department, then it requires certain qualifications. Here, most of us transgenders are illiterate and school dropouts—have not even passed the 10th standard, forget the (college) degree. There are so many nuances behind it,”. She also mentioned the need to understand various “cultural identities and diversity of existence” within the transgender community, such as “Jogappa, Marla, Jogta, Shakti, and Akka.” The activist also urged the government to conduct an “immediate survey” to better understand the community and to establish a “Transgender Welfare Board” to promote their well-being.

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