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The most other-worldly Clothing items

2017 has been an upside-down year, so perhaps it’s no surprise that fashion experts have declared that ugly is the new fashionable. Platform crocs have flourished on runways, ground-dragging sleeves and garish colours have had their time in the sun, and overalls are, overall, still popular.

We understand that people all over the world have different tastes and it’s great that designers also cater to a niche audience as well as the majority. However, there are some truly bizarre clothing items that just leave you wondering. Fashion trends are forever changing and sometimes we end up liking things we never thought we would, but, below we have some items of clothing that raise many questions. Take a look and see for yourself! 








Fashion can be so ridiculous sometimes, we really shouldn’t even get amazed by it anymore. But this list of fashion pieces, though… If it does one thing, it surely amazes.

Cool as ugliness and so-called bad taste may be right now, they’re clearly more than passing trends. They’re a constant that turns up time and again, even in the work of those known for their ability to create genuine beauty.

It’s probably not even fair to call ugliness the opposite of beauty at all. They’re interrelated, each seductive in its own way.

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