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The Heart Shaped Breast Challenge Is The Newest, Yet Ridiculously Bizarre Trend

A new challenge has been taking Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, by storm. The popular trend is hidden under the Mandarin equivalent of the hashtag #HeartShapedBoob.

As the name suggests, the heart-shaped boob challenge consists of using your hands to shape your boob into a heart.

According to the What’s on Weibo site, it all started last month when Ayi Xi Tai Lu, who created the movement, did a live demonstration of shaping her boob into a heart online to earn more followers.

Since then, the practice has gone viral on the Chinese web. But while Shanghaiist magazine claims the challenge has gotten 1.6 million views to date, the women participating seem few and far between.

Some of the photos posted when the challenge started last month have already been censored on Chinese social media, which prohibits pornography, but can still be viewed on a cached version of the site.

Chinese authorities are concerned about the prevalence of explicit content on social media in the country, and according to What’s on Weibo, they’ve shut down at least 73 illegal streaming platforms in the last six months and have banned approximately 1,879 people for posting videos with pornographic content.

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