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No Fear No Favour

The ‘Drag’ history is not that simple!

Byline By- Nitisha Nagpal

We all are familiar with the term ‘Drag Queen’ and some of us might have seen their over the top shows as well. The term ‘Drag’ originated from theatres where men and women used to dress as the opposite sex. The term was popularised in the 1900s and today is a world wide happening

An art form liked by so many, it holds an interesting history. Back in the times when only men were allowed to take part in the theatres, the female roles were portrayed by men by dressing in long extravagant dresses that they have to drag them to move. Hence giving birth to the term .This eventually gave an opportunity to LGBTQ community to freely express themselves. Not necessarily that whoever performs it is transgender or gay.

Today one can see drag races and pageants everywhere and seems like people are more accepting and liking the party they throw. Not only just drag queen shows but the ‘Drag Kings’ are hyped up and for all the right reasons.

Women dress like men and performing are catching people’s eye these days. Whatever might be the complex history it holds we love it for breaking stereotypical gender norms and division of clothing articles.

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