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No Fear No Favour

The Coronavirus is Mutating? What does that mean for us?

Byline by- Nitisha Nagpal

Well where it looked like life was getting normal and back on track, UK has been hit by a new wave of the virus which has a higher transmission rate. The same has been found in Italy.

Dr. Vivek Murthy, an Indian-American physician, who has been elected as the Surgeon General by President Biden suggests that although the new variant has the more rate of transmission, there are no reports of being deadlier to an individual who catches it.

Dr Murthy also added that we all should still take necessary precautions which includes social distancing, washing hands, sanitizers, masking etc. Talking about the vaccine, he said that by the end of the spring season will be available to people with lower chances.

We hope that these statements made by him have people restore their faith in science during these tough times. Being a farmer’s grandson Dr. Murthy is very well aware of the situation and has promised to take care of every American prior this pandemic

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