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The Campaign ‘Save a boy child’ Has An Every Truth That India Needs To Learn

From many of the things that come to your mind when you hear or see the phrase ‘Save the girl child’ is probably female foeticide and illegal abortions. But have you ever heard any of the campaigns that reads ‘Save the boy child.’ No? Because probably there wasn’t or there is no need for such campaign.

Women in India had enough of the chauvinistic opinions and misogynistic statements. Time and again the women were judged on the character based on the size of their clothes, the jobs they do, the opinion they have and the jobs they do.

Growing in a chauvinistic country, it’s easy to target and demean a woman than to blame a man. And that’s why the campaign ‘Save the boy child’ is launched to inculcate the teaching for a good man.

The 1min 49 seconds long video focuses on a boy to prevent them becoming a:

  1. Repeat Sex offender

  2. Rapist

  3. Stalker

  4. Molester

  5. Pervert

  6. Chauvinist

  7. Misogynist

    Watch the video here:

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