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Tea lovers, It’s your day! These 10 things every tea lover can relate to

Boil the kettle, select your brew, add the milk. Are you ready? Now we can begin.

Tea is an art form. It is a ritual, a social crutch and a way of life. It is also delicious.

With an estimated 165 million cups of tea drunk daily in India, it’s fair to say that we love our tea. Whether it’s for a quick pick-me-up, a warming treat or just for the taste, 80% of us can’t say no to the age-old question, ‘chai chalegi?’.

Here’s what you’ll know if you can’t get enough of the good ol’ brew…

1. Your day hasn’t truly begun until you’ve settled with your first cuppa of the day: And that first sip is usually followed by a resounding ‘ahhh’.

chai (1)
2. Opening the fridge to no milk is a big setback: Do I chuck it away or have black tea? If I run to the shop, can I make it back in time before it gets cold?

3. You’ve also been known to use out-of-date milk: Once it’s gone in, it doesn’t really matter.

4. You’ve mastered the art of the perfect tea: And letting someone else make yours really is a sign of trust.


5. Though you don’t understand people who put in the milk first: What is this blasphemy?

6. Your version of a night cap is a good old warm cup of tea.
Who says tea after 5pm keeps them up all night??


7. You can’t help but let everyone know when you’ve forgotten about your tea because it’s so devastating:
It’s gone cold, but it was such a good brew – down it.

8. And others know it’s best to stay out of your way until you’ve had your first cup: Or maybe five!

9. You strongly believe that tea can cure all problems: So you are always asking others if they want some!


10. If you ever turn down an offer of a cup, everyone wonders what’s wrong

But it’s probably because the tea maker just doesn’t do it right, and you’re too polite to say.


Afterall, nothing in this world could beat a good cup of tea!

By: Swapnil Mishra

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