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Tanushree Dutta reveals she is being harassed and targeted by Bollywood Mafia

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July 20, 2022 (New Delhi): Tanushree Dutta has expressed her pain by writing a long and wide post on Instagram. He told that many people are targeting him. She is getting shocked. Tanushree has pleaded for help. She says that she is in trouble because of Bollywood’s mafia, political circuit and anti-national elements.

Tanushree writes “I am being harassed and badly targeted. Please someone do something. Firstly, my Bollywood projects were destroyed in the last one year. After this a med plant was done which mixed medicines and steroids in my water, due to which I had serious health issues. After this, when I ran to Ujjain in May, the brakes of my car were tampered twice and an accident happened. I kept on dying and returned to Mumbai after 40 days so that I could start my normal life and work. Now strange things have been kept outside my flat in my building. I am definitely not going to commit suicide, open your ears and listen, everyone. I am neither leaving nor going anywhere else. I am here to stay, I am here to stay and take my public career to greater heights than ever before.”

Picture Credit: Internet

She further added “Bollywood mafia, old political circuit of Maharashtra (which still has influence here) and nefarious anti-national criminal elements do such things to harass people. I am sure the culprits of #metoo and the NGO I exposed are behind all these things. Because why would anyone other than him harass and target me like this? You guys should be ashamed.”

Tanushree Dutta said in her post that President’s rule and military rule should be imposed in Maharashtra. Not only this, it was also said that the center should have complete control over the matters at the ground level. Things are going out of hand here. People like him are suffering. Tanushree Dutta told that she will strengthen her spirit by doing spiritual practice with more depth. They will focus on their new business and work opportunities. In the end Tanushree again pleaded for help.

Picture Credit: Internet

Tanushree Dutta came into the limelight in 2018 when she accused actor Nana Patekar of MeToo. Everyone was surprised after Nana Patekar was accused of serious sexual harassment. According to Tanushree, Nana Patekar tried to get very close to her during the shooting of the song on the sets of the film Horn OK Pleassss in 2009. Tanushree Dutta was last seen on the silver screen in 2010 at Movie Apartments.

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