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“Taiwan Rattled by Most Powerful Earthquake in a Quarter Century, Inflicting Structural Damage”

On Wednesday, Taiwan was struck by a powerful earthquake measuring 7.2 magnitude, marking the most intense seismic event to hit the island in over 25 years. The tremor, originating near the eastern coast of Taiwan, jolted buildings from their foundations and triggered a tsunami warning for regions of southern Japan and the Philippines.

Images broadcasted by Taiwan television stations revealed buildings leaning precariously in the sparsely populated county of Hualien, close to the quake’s epicenter. Although initial reports indicated some individuals were trapped, fortunately, there were no immediate casualties reported.

The impact of the quake was widespread, causing power outages in various parts of the capital city, Taipei. Japan’s meteorological agency noted the occurrence of several minor tsunami waves along the southern prefecture of Okinawa, subsequently downgrading the tsunami warning to an advisory.

The magnitude was later adjusted to 7.7 by Japanese authorities. Similarly, the Philippines Seismology Agency issued warnings to residents in coastal areas across multiple provinces, urging them to seek higher ground.

The quake’s effects were felt beyond Taiwan’s borders, with reports of tremors reaching Shanghai and various cities in China’s Fujian province, including Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, and Ningde.

Even after the main shock, Taipei continued to experience aftershocks, with at least 25 registered thus far, according to Taiwan’s central weather administration.

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Author:- Apoorva Arora

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