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Tackling crime against women: Kolhan University in Jharkhand makes martial arts training compulsory for female students

In India, the cases of gender violence are increasing and many of which go unreported or unregistered. This is because India is a place where women are taught not to get raped but men are not taught to not to rape. But for the moment, it is very important for women in India to learn self-defence for their own safety and survival. Studies have shown that criminals choose those targets more that are unaware of their surroundings and about what is going on around them. So, it is time to beware of everything because anytime, attack can happen in any form.
Talking about it, candle marches, social media posts and protest have done almost no good till date. The need of the hour is to take a proper action. University in Jharkhand has taken the right step in this direction.
Kolhan University in Jharkhand has made martial arts training compulsory for graduate and post graduate female students in five of its women’s colleges and is all set to introduce a course in January 2017 aimed at training girls in self-defence.

Vice-Chancellor of Kolhan University RPP Singh said that female students trained in martial arts would be able to defend themselves against sexual attacks and physical harassment and it would also “help curb crimes against women in society.”

The 8,000 students, who are likely to benefit from the training, will not have to pay any additional fees for the programme. The course that would be covered over a period of six months will also lay emphasis on yoga and theoretical studies.

“The girls will be given a certificate after the training. Marks obtained in the course, however, will not be added to their degree course examination results,” Singh said adding that students would not be permitted to sit for their degree examinations if they fall short of attendance in the martial arts class.

The chancellor-cum-governor of the university approved the course following which the authorities notified all colleges under its jurisdiction, the Hindustan Times reported.

“The university has taken a major step towards empowering girls to deal with anti-social elements,” Usha Shukla, professor-in-charge of the Graduate School College for Women in Jamshedpur.

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