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“Ta Ta Towels” Are Going To Change Your Boob Sweat Game Forever

If you ask any woman what the worst part of summer is – by far, she’ll tell you it’s treaded boob sweat. No matter what you wear, no matter where you are, if it’s hot and you have boobs – beware of the perspiration. It’s not the same as armpit sweat though – it’s worse and, sometimes, if it’s really bad – it looks like you’re lactating. The worst moment is when you come out of the shower and it’s 90 degrees out – and instantly, your boob sweat begins to form.

Someone genius creating the end to all of our problems and, make the three hours you spend sitting in your fresh-out-the-shower towel that much better.

Introducing the Ta Ta Towel aka the Boob Hammock.

The Ta Ta Towel is exactly what it sounds like – a towel for your boobs.

Okay, so, on first glance it may seem silly to you – but if you really think this through, this product is amazing for women everywhere. Not only do you not have to worry about walking around your apartment (aka in front of your open windows) topless, but it saves you the trouble of constantly having to fix your towel so it doesn’t fall.

It also gives you free hands if you’re getting ready to go out right after you shower, but, you don’t want to get a shirt wet/sweaty. And, if you’re doing your makeup before you go out, simply use the Ta Ta Towel so you don’t get your facebeat on your shirt.


Women everywhere are celebrating this incredible invention.

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