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Surprise Attack in Moscow’s Ongoing Concert: ‘To Escape, Some Individuals Climbed On Top Of Others’ Heads’

Image Source: NDTV

On March 23rd, a sudden helter-skelter came over during a concert by Picnic in Moscow’s hall. Almost over twenty decades a kind of deadliest attack has been pulled in. This horrifying attack resulted in the persecution and injuries of more or less one hundred (100) people.

A surprise attack initiated the step from the crowds of the audience when the performance of the band ‘Picnic’ halted. Russian authorities have detained eleven people in the attack, which has been attributed to the Islamic State.

Look at this:

However, this deadliest attack had shivered down a nation, whilst the police officials and other security in charge obtained the culprit in front, who were all involved in this unabashed assault.
Besides, Putin also served his deep consolation to the lost families and declared Sunday would be the national mourning across Russia.

Look at this:

Armed men invaded a big music venue. Causing this People climbed on other’s heads to get out of the room. The majority got up and tried to move toward the aisles. People began to panic and started to run and collide with each other, which tempered the attackers, and with the gush of agitation, they attacked, and infrequent innocent people lost their lives.

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Author: Baisakhi Dhar

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